Waf. x OD
Waf. x OD - Shine your Eye.

WAFFLESNCREAM is Nigeria’s first skateboarding firm. Based in Lagos it serves as the very first hub for skate culture in the West African region.

Founded in 2012. Their aim was to grow the culture of skateboarding within Nigeria by supporting youth who show talent and interest. Through opening their store come hang out spot have developed a safe space for the Lagos underground scene; Nigerian youth of different backgrounds to congregate - further nurturing this fast growing subculture. 

WAFFLESNCREAM are committed to building bridges between the skate community and those that exist within the arts while collaborating with like minded people to bring a spotlight to their scene. 

Our collaboration was born from a chance phone call, shared philosophies and a desire to mix the flavours of London and Lagos.

In Nigeria to shine your eye is to look properly. Go on then have a butchers.
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