Pinto Sunglasses Collection

Looking for that understated pair of designer sunglasses with timeless style? We’ve got you covered with the Oscar Deen Pinto collection. A classic and sophisticated look for any face. You’re most welcome.

Designer Sunglasses

These shades are proper sleek, they'll have you looking sharp on the streets or the beach. Think London to Lanzarote. 

Based on a pair of shades unearthed in a flea market in Vanves, Paris. We wanted to retain that classic 1940s crowned style. Tweaking the OG design by adding some OD touches. A key holed bridge and mirroring the crown for that hexagonal shape.

Except with the benefits of high quality materials that you’d expect from Oscar Deen; Mazzucchelli acetate, optical clarity lenses made from organic plastic. Not to mention the details where the devil lives.

The toughest decision isn’t whether to invest but which colourways to rock. Oscar Deen Pintos are available in Umber, Treacle, Champagne , Ember and Havana. The choice is yours.

These shades are proper smooth, with a lens size of 49 and a bridge width of 23.3, the whole package measuring 140.4, and temples stretching a cool 150. If you're aiming to step up your sunglass game and make a statement, the Pinto Collection is the one you need. Get ready to own the streets with these must-have shades.

Black Pinto sunglasses

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