Collaboration with Peggs & Son: A Perfect Match

Oscar Deen recently collaborated with Peggs & Son, a top menswear retailer with impeccable taste and a reputation for quality. The partnership was a natural fit, rooted in a long-standing friendship and mutual respect. The camaraderie and shared experiences, often over a few beers in Brighton, mirrored the brand's approach to seeking out frames abroad. This collaboration promises to bring a fresh take on both brands' offerings, blending their unique styles and sensibilities.

Inspired by Brighton: A City of Contrasts

Brighton's rich cultural tapestry and dynamic fashion landscape deeply influenced Oscar Deen's designs. The city's blend of old and new, local and global, is reflected in the brand's frames. From the patterns of Brighton's pavements to the glittering pawn shop windows, every element of the city finds its way into the brand's identity. 


Balancing Classic and Modern in Design

Oscar Deen expertly blends classic elegance with a modern vibe. The brand updates and adapts vintage frames to suit contemporary tastes while preserving the timeless elements that make them iconic. This balance ensures that each design remains relevant and appealing, standing the test of time.


Commitment to Sustainability and Ethics

In an era where sustainability and ethical practices are paramount, Oscar Deen stands out by creating eyewear that transcends "fast fashion". Their frames are robust and designed to last, with many customers still wearing frames from the brand's first run six to seven years ago. The company conducts annual checks to ensure its manufacturers comply with ethical standards, reinforcing their commitment to responsible business practices.


Approach to Collaborations

For Oscar Deen, successful collaborations hinge on mutual understanding and alignment. The brand partnerships that make sense both creatively and personally, ensuring that every collaboration is meaningful and impactful.

Oscar Deen continues to redefine eyewear with its blend of authenticity, quality, and lasting design. Through meaningful collaborations and a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity, the brand not only honours its roots but also looks forward to a future filled with innovation and creativity.