Our Story

“Mate, I think we should do something…I don’t know what yet” Hailing from Hackney and Camden respectively, we were two Londoners living in Manchester with a desire to make something.

What? We didn’t know yet and that was exciting.

A little chat in the haze of a day party planted the seed, a chance meeting with an eyewear collector connected the dots.

OD started when we realised that we never went anywhere without our sunglasses. And it was the going anywhere, that really sealed the deal.

Obsessed with the summer, just like the city we hail from. We now travel the markets, alleys and antique shops of Europe, finding the vintage gems that inspire our collection, and meeting the people who inspire our ethic.

Every pair of OD frames start with scouring the streets of Europe to find the classic frames that form the basis of all our designs.

We’ve found treasure in warehouse store cupboards, dingy front rooms and side street markets.

But this ain’t a copycat thing.

We spend weeks, sometimes months re-designing, modernising and putting our own touch on the frames we find. Turning a dusty old gem, into our idea of a modern classic.

Then we make our final frames from hand finished Mazzucchelli acetate. They’re Italian, if the name didn’t give it away, and they’ve been top of their game since 1849.

Our tinted lenses are made from lightweight CR-39 plastic and coated for proper UV protection.


Sheriff-Deen Showobi and Oscar Phillips

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