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      The Journal

      Welcome to our Journal. Here we explore the people, frames and experiences that shape Oscar Deen. Take a closer look or pick up a little gem and get out there. 


      Outer South is a brand new record label out of Johannesburg. 

      A label representing  the sounds free from the constraints of borders and genre, birthed from the nexus between cultures, where beautiful fusions are formed.

      The synergy of ethos with Oscar Deen inspired us to come together to bring you Transmissions. 

      Check out Outer South.

      MEET TIM 

      Who are you?
      - I’m Tim Lyre aka Senpai. I’m an Artist/Music Producer/Songwriter.

      Where are you? - Lagos, Nigeria

      Describe your sound. - it’s Afro-Fusion, tailor made. A lot of genre bending but at the core it feels good.

      Where do you look for inspiration? - People and shared experiences. I’m constantly thinking about how things work too so I’m always listening and learning.

      How do you tap into Nigeria's rich musical history? - It’s the music I’ve grown up on and known all my life and so I feel like it’s a part of my being. There’s a lot to draw from as well, from Highlife to Afrobeats and so on, we’re lucky to have this endless bag.

      Where do you work best? - Anywhere with good energy

      Favourite place in Lagos? - Elevator 22 / Studio 94 - The studio in general

      Favourite place in London? - Croydon. Lots of good memories and good people.

      What’s the oldest thing you own and where did you get it? - I’ve got some of my Grandpa’s old records from when they cleared out his stuff so records from the 50s/60s/70s. There’s some Nat King Cole and Sinatra and Ebenezer Obey

      OSCAR DEEN X OUTER SOUTH / Transmissions

      A series of mixes from Oscar Deen and Outer South.

      A journey through genre from London to Lagos via Johannesburg and beyond.

      In three Transmissions, we’ll dive into the sounds that celebrate diversity, fusion, and innovation. 

      This is Transmission 1: Roots

      Transmission 2: Tim Lyre

      In Transmission Two, we dip into the world of Tim Lyre (@tim-lyre), an Afro-fusion artist from Lagos, Nigeria and an integral part of the alté renaissance.

      Tim's music is a genre-bending exploration of the human experience from an afro-futurist perspective, inspired as much by the likes of juju legend Ebenezer Obey as R&B polymath John Legend.

      Transmission 3: Tim's World

      We dive deeper into a sound that is a coming together of London and Lagos.

      In Tim's World we delve into his unique sound. Occupying the space between afrobeats, dancehall, soul, downtempo and hip hop.

      This mix is a dip into the Lagos alté movement with Tim at it's forefront.


      We search high and low. From weird places to wonderful. In London and across Europe. All to find vintage frames to inspire our collections today.

      We mix old style, new culture and fresh experiences.

      Respect it. Respect your face.

      Directed, Produced & Edited, Samuel Michie. Director of photography, Aaron Medway. First AC’s, @lb_blake @benjesse_. Steadicam, @jt_steadycam Colourist: Matt Stevenson. Make up,m Gaby Winwood, Styling, Tobi Olivia Tune, 'Hello' by Jelani Blackman


      There is something special about searching for vintage frames. The joy of the rummage, the thrill of finding something unexpected and the people we connect with along the way.

      One of our favs is big John Morris. We recently dropped in on him at his shop in Kings Cross.

      Pull up a pew and let the big man take you on a journey...

      John and his family are a font of frames, tea and info. Especially his daughter who can only be described as a frame savant. Sometimes we ask them to keep an eye out for things we've not managed to find. We're never disappointed. We were after some AOs the last time we popped by. 

      American Optical was a name we'd heard a lot and after finding a pair in Barcelona. Established in 1833 AO became famous for high quality frame production, at scale.

      Our finds on that day. His and hers 1950s AO Safety Series frames. A shape that feels familiar even now. That's because AO came to define optical style in their time, are much copied and are credited with originating the Aviator and Wayfarer.

      Of course we couldn't resist giving them the Oscar Deen treatment. What we created was Morris. From his and hers to something for everybody. We moved the hard lines of the his frame ‘inside’ and increased the lens depth. The elegant lines of the ‘hers’ frame inspire the silhouette, with a slightest brow incline borrowed from German design.

      LITTLE GEMS - Kings Cross

      What you find isn't always what you're looking for. This is deffo the case when frame hunting.

      Here's a few of our gems for your travels.

      The Scala
      - For vibes
      The Wellcome Collection - For knowledge
      Key Stone Crescent - For chilling
      The Dolphin - For drinks, no thrills